My Year to Live Life, Love Life, & Learn Life all ON PURPOSE! -George A.Olokun

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My Journey

“The journey of life if constructed around Possibilities determined by SELF and one’s Level of personal Dedication towards turning Possibilities into Accomplishments” –OLOKUN

My life has been centered on the will to effectively reach the level of divine expectation over my journey. Even in my adolescence, there has always been a call over my path that eventually brought me back to that of kingdom ministry. My final call to ministry before I acknowledged it came in the year 2007, while on a progressive track and close to the completion of my educational advancement. I accepted the torch that has led me through what has been three years of structure, ministry politics, personal growth, and life changing experiences.

Before coming to Atlanta a year ago, I had the greatest opportunity one could ask for in the beginning phase of the ministry. From getting hands on training in the administrative arena of the church, personal interactions with the members, the operational responsibilities of a functional church, learning how to deliver a message that can be received by your target audience in a time effective manner, the breakdown and rebuilding process of an ecclesiastical jurisdiction under the Church of God in Christ, and many other important lessons that have really helped to establish a strong foundation in the ministry. There is so much that I can say I am proud to have been exposed to, that can never be forgotten as I continue my journey to becoming an ordained elder and eventually a pastor.

Here we are in the year 2011 and my passion for ministry though it has been tried, is stronger today than even when I pursued the call three years ago to kingdom ministry. My understanding for people has become in-depth, with an appreciation for the individual human nature. This time last year I may have been anxious to advance to the next level of ministry and may have even been ready to the world, but God used this past year to add the finishing touches onto what I see as his Picasso.

Moreover whom he did predestinate, them he also called: and whom he called, them he also justified: and whom he justified, them he also glorified. Romans 8:30 (K JV)


“Hope is a part of your destiny! The positive contribution you will make is far greater than those that hoped you wouldn’t.”-George A.Olokun

1.11.11 Update

Eleven days into this year of 2011 and so much has occurred!

2011: another 12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days, 8,760 hours, 525,600 minutes 3,153,600 seconds of struggle, growth, progress & experience.

God doesn’t expect perfection, what he wants from your life is PROGRESS!

“The journey of life if constructed around Possibilities determined by SELF and one’s Level of personal Dedication towards turning Possibilities into Accomplishments” –OLOKUN

1.1.11– Dawn of a New YEAR

1.2.11–  Creation of new entity of GDot Empowerment LLC…”OLO Consulting”

1.3.11– Self Examination and progress determination!

1.4.11– Enjoyed the the Fellowship with a good friend from Tampa Dr. Jordan and later on came down with Pneumonia.

1.5.11– In Bed Recovering from Pneumonia

1.6.11– In Bed Recovering most of the day and got out to attend Executive Board Meeting to prepare for big presentation.

1.7.11– Major Presentation at Chateau Elan a Success… Green Light on 100 STARS program!

1.8.11– Chateau Elan Day 2.. Lunch with ATL Mayor Kaseem Reed


1.10.11-SNOWED IN Day 2

1.11.11– SNOWED IN Day 3